Bleu d’Auvergne Raw Milk AOC

Sticky, moist, and crumbly raw milk blue cheese. Made in the Auvergne region of France and name protected by European Authorities (AOC)

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Danish Blue – Castello

Sharp, piquant, and slightly salty taste with the traditional blue “bite.” Excellent on its own, crumbled on salad, in dressings or as a delicious addition to creamy pasta dishes.

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Blue d’Auvergne – Terre des Volcans by Herve’ Mons

Sharp flavorful blue cheese. A good starting block for many a cheese counter. A good introduction to the more flavorful blue cheeses.

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Blue Loaf Extra Creamy 60%

With the addition of fresh cream this blue has added richness. A higher fat content and a milder culture than traditional blue gives this cheese a wonderful creamy mellow blue flavor. A true hit melted on a burger.

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