We have cultivated an assortment of 700 cheeses spanning 20 countries throughout Europe and the Americas.

In addition to our principal inventory of cheeses, we have hand selected an assortment of accompanying specialty foods from Charcuterie and Chocolate to Olives and Oils with the same astute awareness of tradition, quality, and value

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Jan 17

Winnimere season starts…..Right now!

Quite possibly Jasper Hill’s most celebrated cheese, Winnimere is one of the few soft, washed rind, raw milk cheeses made in the United States. It is coveted whenever seasonally available…..which is now! Winnimere pays homage to Vacherin Mont d’Or of the Jura Mountain...
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Jan 9

New Year, New Items

As we enter the new year, it’s a great opportunity to think about both the past year and opportunities for renewal in the one ahead of us.  Here at Zuercher, we’d like to take this time to reflect on the new additions we made for this holiday season.🎉🧀   Charlito’s...
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Nov 8

New to Stock – Ewereka from Central Coast Creamery

We are now carrying Ewereka, Central Coast’s newest cheese. Made exclusively with sheep’s milk, this cheese is modeled on a cheddar recipe, but when we’ve tasted it here, we’ve thought it was probably closer to a gouda profile. The cheese has a light acidity, but also some...
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