We have cultivated an assortment of 700 cheeses spanning 20 countries throughout Europe and the Americas.

In addition to our principal inventory of cheeses, we have hand selected an assortment of accompanying specialty foods from Charcuterie and Chocolate to Olives and Oils with the same astute awareness of tradition, quality, and value

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May 9

England Preserves available in Stock

Founders Sky Cracknell and Kai Knutsen started England Preserves in 2001 with a mission to make preserves with low sugar and locally sourced ingredients. Though the flavor combinations may not be familiar to the American palette, they’re indicative of classic English taste. They...
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Apr 25

Essex St. hand selected – Marcel Petite Comté

If I had to pick a desert island cheese, hands down, it’s Marcel Petite Comté. Not only does it have complex nuanced flavors, it’s so versatile! I’ve melted it over a cauliflower gratin, layered thin slices between sourdough bread and butter for grilled cheese,...
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Apr 20

Eat raw milk cheese!

You all know what a special day this is.  We have been waiting all year for it so now let’s do it some justice.  Some might think this is a day to celebrate a vice or some type of taboo activity.  However, here at Zuercher, we could not agree less! You might want to use this...
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