We have cultivated an assortment of 700 cheeses spanning 20 countries throughout Europe and the Americas.

In addition to our principal inventory of cheeses, we have hand selected an assortment of accompanying specialty foods from Charcuterie and Chocolate to Olives and Oils with the same astute awareness of tradition, quality, and value

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Feb 8

Seasonal Release: Cowgirl Creamery’s St Pat

Cowgirl’s spring seasonal cheese, St. Pat, starts with organic Jersey milk from Chileno Valley Dairy. Jersey cow’s milk is known for its high butterfat content. Additionally, the beauty of creating seasonal cheeses is the ability to emphasize the nuanced differences each...
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Feb 8

New to Stock: Hornkuhkäse

Made in a small town in Switzerland just west of Liechtenstein, Hornkuhkäse is no ordinary alpine cheese. The milk used is that of horned cows. In the town of Urnäsch, where the cheese is made, virtually all cows still have their horns, as opposed to the 20% in Swiss agriculture....
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Jan 17

Winnimere season starts…..Right now!

Quite possibly Jasper Hill’s most celebrated cheese, Winnimere is one of the few soft, washed rind, raw milk cheeses made in the United States. It is coveted whenever seasonally available…..which is now! Winnimere pays homage to Vacherin Mont d’Or of the Jura Mountain...
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