New Divina Stock Items


Divina Grilled Green Olives, Pitted 

It’s been said that everything tastes better off the grill, and if these olives are any indication, it’s true! Flame-grilled to smoky perfection, these Greek olives are perfect over steak and chicken or paired with an aged Cheddar.

Item #: J2360

Pack: 4/2.2#

Origin: Greece


Divina Calabrian Pepper & Olive Mix

They like it fiery in Italy – it doesn’t get any better than Calabria’s namesake peppers paired with a mild green olive to balance the boldness. We love this mix tossed with spaghetti and grilled chicken.

Item #: J2390

Pack: 1/15.4#

Origin: Italy

Divina Roasted Garlic

California-grown garlic cloves with a fresh from the oven flavor. Eat them whole, chopped, or as a spread.

Item #: K1320

Pack: 3/4#

Origin: U.S.A.