Brie Fermier Ferme de Jouvance

Brie Fermier is assertive, complex and unforgettable. Our staff praised its buttery texture, oozy at the rind with a firmer center that softens and runs as it reaches peak ripeness. The sweet cream and button mushroom flavors characteristic of a well-made brie are deepened by a distinct vegetal note, with hints of asparagus, broccoli and tomato. The thin but toothy rind adds a...

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Camembert Fermier Ferme de Jouvance

This smaller-format Camembert Fermier echoes the mushroom and butter flavors of the Brie Fermier but with the vegetal notes toned down. Its aroma is mustier, with a suggestion of herbs. The texture is more uniform, on the springy side but still creamy.

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Persille de Chevre Ferme de Jouvance

The ash-rinded Persille de Chevre is a rich and hearty goat blue. The goat flavor is more pronounced here, with more aggressive salt and a nice peppery finish.

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Campagnier has a washed rind tinted with annatto for extra color. It has the signature silky texture of d’Affinois with a subtle meaty flavor and pleasant fruitiness—the perfect washed rind for the funk-phobic customer.

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Montrachet Goat Logs – Jacquin

10.5oz Fresh goat cheese log.

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Brie Chevre Ferme de Jouvance

The goats of Ferme de Jouvance provide top-quality milk for a surprisingly clean tasting Chevre Brie. It has a nice tang up front and a smooth buttery finish, without any aggressive goatiness. The paste is uniform, soft but not runny, beneath a delicate bloomy rind.

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