Le Gaslonde Beurre de Baratte w/ Sea Salt Crystals Item #: FR2710

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  • Milk: Cow
  • Country: France
  • Region: Normandy
  • Pack: 12/8.8oz.

The history of butter in France can be traced back hundreds of years. The quality of their butters is reflective of the milk produced from the local cows. Beurre de Baratte, translated as “churned butter”, is made using the Baratte process, which was developed by French butter dairies. The Baratte process creates that famous French butter taste and texture by separating the milk, then spinning the heaviest part of the milk into a thick and velvety consistency. It then re-injects the French butter with cream, creating a rich, smooth, and luxurious texture and taste. It is then salted with sea salt from the Ile de RĂ©. The finished product is a rich buttercup, and it has a delicate flavor that will forever change the way you see butter.