Gouda w/Basil & Garlic

A creamy, smooth cheese seasoned with basil and garlic. Delicately flavored, creamy with a rich full flavor. Excellent melter, try it in an omelette.

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Gouda w/Black Pepper

This mild, creamy gouda with black peppercorns offers a nice balance. It is a versatile cheese with a unique and interesting profile. Great on a roast beef sandwich or try it in your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe.

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Gouda w/ Mustard Seed

This semi-hard cheese from Holland is flavored with mustard seed. Made from cow’s milk, this cheese has a creamy flavor with a hint of mustard. The mustard seeds themselves add a bit of crunch. Have it as a snack cubed with pieces of smoked ham.

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Cablanca – Goat Gouda

Mild flavored creamy goat gouda. Works well in sandwiches, salads, or on a cheese board.

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Da Vinci

Delicious olives, basil, and garlic give this cheese an unmistakable Mediterranean flavor. A wonderful snacking cheese and also great on pizza and sandwiches.

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Edam Ball

Edam is one of the most famous Dutch cheeses, traditionally produced in a ball shape but now also produced in an easier to handle loaf. It is named after the small Dutch town of Edam where it was first produced. Now produced all over Holland, Edam is a young, mild cheese that is somewhat spicier than mild Gouda.

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