Red Hot Dutch

The addition of dried red hot chili peppers provides a nice flavor contrast to the mild and creamy flavor of this Edam.

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Rembrandt Extra Aged Gouda

This Gouda is aged for one year minimum on wooden shelves. With a slightly crumbly texture and a tangy flavor, it has a peppery-whiskey flavored finish. Valiant and daring, fashioned to emote the eponymous intrepid painter!

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A cream-added Gouda-style cheese with a semi-soft, pale yellow interior. Its name literally translates to “cream cheese”, though it does not resemble what we Americans classify as cream cheese. It is rich in flavor and has a texture which melts in the mouth.

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Cablanca – Goat Gouda

Mild flavored creamy goat gouda. Works well in sandwiches, salads, or on a cheese board.

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Da Vinci

Delicious olives, basil, and garlic give this cheese an unmistakable Mediterranean flavor. A wonderful snacking cheese and also great on pizza and sandwiches.

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Edam Ball

Edam is one of the most famous Dutch cheeses, traditionally produced in a ball shape but now also produced in an easier to handle loaf. It is named after the small Dutch town of Edam where it was first produced. Now produced all over Holland, Edam is a young, mild cheese that is somewhat spicier than mild Gouda.

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