Spring Milk “Youngsters” Dutch Gouda – artikaas Item #: D1480

  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Milk: Cow
  • Country: Holland
  • Pasteurization: Pasteurized
  • Pack: 1/9 lb.

This pasteurized Gouda’s fresh, grass-fed flavors appease cheese aficionados, while being mild enough to please novice consumers. Fantastic on its own, its pliant, smooth texture is also a perfect option for melting. Upon its release, seasonal fresh fruit from early summer pickings will be a timely and elegant pairing with Artikaas Youngsters.

These cows aren’t kept in cozy barns all winter just because of the chilling temperatures. During the winter months in northern Holland, the pastures go dormant and become very wet. If the herd were to walk the land, they would destroy the soil and potential for new growth in the spring. Once the pastures are covered with lush grass and the soil has dried our farmers prepare to release their herd from the barn. This is such an exciting day for the cows, calfs, and heifers as they just can’t seem to contain their excitement. As they are greeted by fresh spring air, they begin jumping and playing before feasting on the grass. Many people come to watch this entertaining “cow dance”!