Pyreness, Ossau Iraty 10 Month – Agour Item #: F855

  • Availability: Stock
  • Milk: Sheep
  • Country: France
  • Pasteurization: Pasteurized
  • Region: Basque
  • Pack: 1/9# V

Ossau Iraty is probably the best known of the Pyrenees family of cheeses. Agour ages these semi-hard, pasteurized sheep’s milk wheels for at least 10 months—considerably longer than the 3-4 months at which most Ossau hits the market. This longer aging time gives time for the flavors to bloom and intensify, while the texture becomes denser, drier and more robust. The flavor is complex, encompassing toasted nuts, pineapple, brown sugar and floral notes. It’s an unlikely harmony that only a sheep’s milk cheese could hope to attain. Moreover, AOP regulations require that Ossau Iraty be made from the milk of the region’s heritage breeds. These distinctive herds graze the pastures and mountainsides of the Midi-Pyrenees region in the south of France, giving their milk and the resulting cheese a personality totally unique to the region. Ossau Iraty is exceptionally versatile when it comes to pairings. Black cherry jam is the traditional accompaniment to Basque cheeses across the board, but you could also try fresh cherries or berries, cured meats or pepper jelly. Ossau Iraty plays nicely with rich white wines, fruity Pinots, farmhouse ciders, or Saison ales.