Proscuitto Di Modena Item #: G2000

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  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Emilia Romagna
  • Pack: 1/15# V

While less well-known than its famous cousin in Parma, Prosciutto di Modena has been made and enjoyed in the region of Emilia Romagna for centuries. This Modenese delicacy was finally recognized with a DOP in 1996, to protect the integrity of all aspects of the production process. We source ours from Salumificio Vitali, which is based in foothills of the Apennines. They have the ideal microclimate suited to aging hams and are committed to putting in place systems to minimize their environmental impact. Beyond that, we were impressed by the flavor of their prosciutto, which is aged at least 14 months: rich and savory in flavor, with a wonderfully tender mouthfeel.