Mitica Chocolate Panforte Item #: R2450

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  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Toscana
  • Pack: 1/2.5kg.

Rich, decadent, and extravagantly spiced, this is an all-natural chocolate version of the traditional fruit cake from Siena. Coated in a dark chocolate glaze, it is dense and sweet, like a cross between cake and candy. The dried cherries, citrus, almonds, and hazelnuts studded throughout beautifully complement the dark chocolate. Panforte means “strong bread” in Italian, in reference to the many fragrant spices used in the recipe. Originating in the 13th century, it is very common around the holidays, given as a gift or brought to celebrations to slice and share. This version is made by dissolving honey and sugar and mixing with a blend of cocoa, spices, candied fruit, nuts, and a touch of flour. To finish, it is covered in a rich dark chocolate glaze. It is baked on top of an edible wafer to keep it from sticking.