Manchego Farmstead Artequeso Semi Curado D.O. Item #: M2970

  • Availability: Stock
  • Milk: Sheep
  • Country: Spain
  • Pasteurization: Raw
  • Pack: 1/7# V

What makes this Manchego different from the rest? It’s farmstead, meaning the cheese is made on the farm that the milk is sourced. This one is made on the Finca La Prudenciana, a fourth generation, family owned farm, located in the Castilla-La-Mancha region of Spain. The raw milk used is from the family farm only. The cheeses are preservative free; no egg Lysozyme or Natamycin, and only natural preservative-free animal rennet and wax coating is used.  Aged for 6 months, the resulting flavors are complex, with notes of hay, cashews, and a sweet lemony finish. Try pairing it with an Albarino or a crisp IPA!