Julianna – Capriole Item #: B950

  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Milk: Goat
  • Country: United States
  • Pasteurization: Pasteurized
  • Region: Southern Indiana
  • Pack: 2/1.3# V
  • Age: 4-8 months

This 1lb. aged bloomy rind cheese is named after a Hungarian intern, Julianna Sedli, who loved playing with cheesemaking. This petite cheese is buttery and smooth like Capriole’s Old Kentucky Tomme, but nuttier and firmer like a Tomme du Savoie. In her latest incarnation, Julianna’s mushroomy rind is punctuated by Herbes de Provence, calendula petals, and safflower petals. She boasts a beguilingly feminine appearance and an aromatic finish on the palate, reminiscent of the flavors of Spring.