***No Longer Available*** Cheese Paper Item #: CP100

  • Pack: 1/2083 - 25cm x 32cm

Plastic wrap might be a practical way for many cheese counters to efficiently display and sell pieces from which their customers shop. However, those educated in the proper care of cheese know that plastic is not the best outfit for its longevity or flavor.


Zuercher has sourced a solution which is available in bulk to our retail customers. Our cheese paper offers a breathable wrap for your cheese, and at a cost-effective price point. We have chosen a neutral blue pattern suitable for cheeses of all types. Plastic may still be necessary for display, but wrapping in cheese paper is a nice touch when cutting fresh portions for a customer, or offering as a take-away option when re-wrapping at home.


Each sheet measures 25cm x 32cm and can be easily trimmed to accommodate smaller pieces.