Black Truffle Gouda – Melkbus Item #: D1250

  • Availability: Stock
  • Milk: Cow
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Pasteurization: Raw
  • Pack: 1/22# V

Melkbus signifies a series of farmstead raw milk cheese, also known as “Boerenkaas” in the Netherlands which are made on small family farms outside the city of Gouda, The Netherlands where Gouda cheese was founded. Historically, milk cans or “Melkbus” were used to transport the farms fresh milk to the creamery for cheese making. Each farm was assigned a number that was stamped atop the can and served as its identity. Melkbus® 149 Truffles elevates the classic raw milk Gouda with the addition of a generous amount of real sliced black truffles. The relatively short aging times ensures Melkbus® 149 Truffles keeps its creamy texture and buttery flavor, but at the same time, allows the earthy umami flavors from the truffle to develop and take over for a truly indulgent bite.