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Fior Delle Alpi

Item #: S770

Pack: 2/4.5lb.

Milk: Unpasteurized Cow

Fior delle Alpi, or Flower of the Alps, is a deliciously flavorful raw cow’s milk cheese from the mountains of Switzerland. Made with milk from cows who graze on lush mountain grass and meadow herbs results in a fruity and gently spiced cheese with a subtle crunch. Fior delle Alpi has a firm but creamy paste and a wealth of flavors – roasted walnuts, rich oniony flavor – very hearty and savory, like a brothy stew.



Jura Montagne

Item #: S790

Pack: 1/15lb.

Milk: Unpasteurized Cow

Although many mountain cheeses have a similar basic nuttiness, they all have amazing subtleties of flavor and texture. Jura Montagne has a profoundly beefy, and savory smell with hints of peanut butter, buttered toast and a sweet and nutty finish. The paste is rich and savory, with hints of toasted bread and grass. Jura Montagne is a small wheel in comparison to many mountain cheeses. The wheel has a natural rind that is formed from salting, turning and then brining the outside during affinage which gives the wheel its piquant finish.