Producer Feature: Shooting Star Creamery

Shooting Star Creamery’s founder, Avery Jones, created her first cheese recipes before she even graduated high school. She managed to turn her craft into a business while simultaneously maintaining a straight A report card, caring for her family’s many animals, and starring in her high school’s theatre troupe. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Avery. Her impressive drive paired with the mentorship of her father, Reggie Jones of Central Coast Creamery, make us think that she will be a lasting name in the cheese community. We at Zuercher are very excited to finally release her line to the Midwest! Shooting Star Creamery currently works exclusively with sheep’s milk. Avery does her best to search out styles of cheese that are not currently available and caters her recipes around her findings.




A1845     1/10#

Creamy, alpine style sheep’s milk cheese. This cheese is what put Avery on the map. After only making her own cheese for less than a year, Avery submitted Aries to last year’s 2019 American Cheese Society contest. Aries took home 3rd place overall and 1st place in the American Original category.



A1855      2/4#

Semi-soft washed rind sheep’s milk cheese. At first, this four-pound round looks to be a funky washed rind only for the courageous. However, your first taste will reveal that this is in fact a more mellow cheese with acidic and citrus notes.



A1825     2/4#

Bloomy rind sheep’s milk cheese. This silky pasted soft-ripened boasts a clean sheep’s milk flavor with notes of chive, sour dough, and potatoes lyonnaise.