Little Hosmer from Jasper Hill

welcome the newest addition to the Cellars at Jasper Hill collection: Little
  A “mini version of a new world-style brie”, this gooey cheese
is approachable in flavor, with notes of cauliflower, butter, and fresh
cream.  Its namesake is equally charming; a small pond in Craftsbury,
Vermont, where the cheesemakers take breaks swimming and fishing. At just 4oz.
Little Hosmer is perfect for a spring picnic or makes an easy appetizer for two
with a light drizzle of lavender honey. Try pairing it with a Sparkling Rose or
a crisp Pale Ale.

Cellars at Jasper Hill
began with the intention to be a model for struggling New England farmers while
reviving the dairy industry in the Vermont area.  They proved that, with
certain modifications, it was possible to be successful amongst the rocky
hillsides that dominate the area’s farming terrain.  In the early
2000’s the company invested in a series of aging tunnels built into the farm’s
hillside.  The tunnels have been designed to maintain the specific
temperatures and humidity levels necessary for ripening, ensuring consistency
and the best environment for cheeses not only from Jasper Hill Creamery, but
also from neighboring cheesemakers.