Alta Langa Mixed Milk Cheeses for Easter

Sick of Winter
yet? Before you know it, Easter will be here and the current dull grey
landscape will transform into lush sprouting green. Why not set some pre-orders
for this rebirth?

dell’alta Langa’s delicate Italian mixed milk cheeses fit the season perfectly.
Located in the Piedmont region of Italy, and named after the province of Alta
Langa, this creamery produces exemplary soft-ripened cow, sheep and goat’s milk
cheeses. This area is famous for its picturesque rolling pastures and its
production of fine cheeses, wine, hazelnuts, and truffles.

Here are just
some of their cheeses that we offer. 


Rocchetta combines cow, sheep and goat’s milk into a beautifully balanced
soft-ripened cheese. Dense, but fluffy towards the core, and oozy towards the
rind, wrinkly Rocchetta displays flavors of earth and crème fraîche. This is
especially delicious when paired with walnuts and a glass of Prosecco.


Like all of
Alta Langa’s cheeses, this one is best served at room temperature. It’s a
semi-soft cow and sheep oval with a sweet and straw like aroma. The flavor is
mild, but with a pleasant herbal note. The texture is smooth, runny on the
outside and doughy in the inside.


For this mixed
milk cheese, Alta Langa has taken inspiration from the classic French
Camembert, while still using the techniques of an Italian Robiola. This cheese
is made with cow, goat, and sheep milk, making the flavors more complex.