Malandrone 1477 Parmigiano-Reggiano

& Co. is excited to introduce a new single-source farmstead
Parmigiano-Reggiano to our Italian stock offerings.

The Territory

1477 is produced about one-half mile above sea level in the rural mountain town
of Pavullo nel Frignano in the northern Italian province of Modena. The
region’s altitude and climate contributes to the growth of lush grasses and
herbs, contributing to the aroma and flavor of the cheese.

The Farm

The unpasteurized
milk used for Malandrone 1477 Parmigiano-Reggiano is sourced exclusively from
the cows born and raised on the Malandrone farm. Being a farmstead cheese means
being able to control the aspects of the final product.

150 Holstein Friesian cows are kept in the pasture and open housing for daily
cheese production. Any supplemental forage is sourced locally – within 3 or 4
miles of the farm. Since the animals’ wellness is of utmost priority, cows are
able to be an active part of milk production for years; most are still
producing after 10 years.

The Make Process

contributes much of its flavor profile to how the cheese is produced. Of
course, because Parmigiano-Reggiano has certain DOP and PDO standards dictated by
Italian and European law, you can rely on certain characteristics. Malandrone 1477
has targeted the key features contributing to an exemplary wheel:

is not allowed to cool down during the make process.

dairies use an increased fat to casein ratio in order to increase yield. This,
however, reduces the complexity of its flavors. Malandrone values flavor over return.

the minimal amount of rennet and whey are used.

formation of curd is crucial; the difference is evident when flavors emerge
during the aging process.

The Aging

Their aging
facility retains temperatures between 55° and 64°F, depending on the season.
This range promotes the natural and active fermentation of the cheese and
heightens its aroma. After 26 months of aging, delicate flavors of butter and
grass are evident; its flavor is never hot or spicy. Expect to see the
distinctive of crunchy bits of tyrosine crystallization throughout the wheel.