Introducing A Few New Blues:  Salemville Amish & Shaft’s Cheese Co.

Salemville Cheese Cooperative, located in Cambria, Wisconsin, is made up of
approximately 60 Amish dairy farmers. The cows are milked by hand and farmers
are committed to providing rBGH-free milk to the co-op. The cheese is produced
in small batches and aged at the Salemville facility.

R2040 Salemville Amish Blue –
1 / 6#

Aged for 60 days, Salemville’s Amish Blue is, without a
doubt, one of the best values in domestic blue cheeses. This medium-strength,
pasteurized cows’ milk blue is well-balanced with a smooth, but easily crumbled
texture. In foodservice applications, Salemville Amish Blue is a sound choice
for burgers, salads, dishes au gratin or baked goods.


R2030 Salemville Amish Gorgonzola – 1 / 6#

Using a slightly different recipe, Salemville Amish
Gorgonzola is made with pasteurized cows’ milk, and uses the same quality milk as is in their
original blue cheese. Aged for a total of 90 days, you will notice a mild blue
with earthier notes and a more curdy texture.

Cheese is a family-owned affinage company located in northern California, and
specializes in blue veined cheeses. Sourced from a Wisconsin cheesemaking
partner, their wheels are aged in a former gold mine site within the Sierra
Nevada Mountains.

Shaft’s Bleu Cheese – 1 / 5#

Shaft’s Bleu is
made with rBGH-free pasteurized cows’ milk and aged for a minimum of one year.
The result is a creamy texture and a boozy, sweet, perfumed flavor. While not
shy in its veining, Shaft’s Bleu stands up to grilled steak or balsamic-fig compote.