Grafton Village Truffle Cheddar

Grafton’s Truffle Cheddar is the newest addition to
their premium cheese line. Aged a minimum of 60 days, this young cheddar makes
way for the rich, earthy flavor of truffle. The end result is a flavor that is
gentle and buttery. Its smooth texture makes it a wonderful option for melting
over eggs, potatoes, asparagus and roasted beef sandwiches or in pasta, risotto
and cream soups. Truffle Cheddar is also tasty when served simply with a
drizzle of honey.

Even those who don’t flip for truffle will find that
this is one that doesn’t overdo it. We also can’t think of many truffle cheeses
at this price point, which is why we were enthusiastic to offer it to our

Grafton Village Cheese:

Founded in 1892, the Grafton Cooperative Cheese
Company was founded as a way for Vermont dairy farmers to utilize their
abundant surpluses of milk. Since cheese could be stored for longer periods of
time, cooperatives such as these were a great solution in a time before the
invention of modern refrigeration. Over time, Vermont has become known for
exemplary milk and specialty dairy products.

In 1912, a fire destroyed the factory. However,
in the mid-1960’s the Windham Foundation, a non-profit organization, restored
the company, and it was reestablished as the Grafton Village Cheese Company.
The foundation works to promote rural communities throughout Vermont; your
purchase directly supports that mission.

Grafton Village primarily sources Jersey cows’
milk from approximately 20 small family farms. Jersey milk is especially rich
in butterfat and protein, making it a superior selection for cheesemaking. Additionally,
only unpasteurized milk is used in producing their cheese. Cumulatively, these
factors contribute to Grafton’s flavor profile, which yields a creamy mouthfeel
and lingering flavor, regardless of age.