Essex Tasting Notes

Street Cheese may quite possibly be our most discerning supplier.  They
work with a very selective group of producers, and from there, they pick out
specific batches of cheese from these suppliers that most accurately hit their
selected profiles for each cheese they source.  And if that level of
scrutiny was not granular enough, Essex is now tasting every batch of cheese
that lands in the United States, and separating their favorite batches
specifically for Zuercher customers!  For the rest of 2015, they will be
setting aside specific productions of their unwaxed, natural-rinded farmstead
Manchego for us, so we will have a consistent profile until that batch runs
out.  In 2016, we hope to roll this program out to the rest of their

(Pictured above is a tasting done by the Essex team)

Here are the
tasting notes for our current Essex Manchego offering:

  • Date of
        Production:  Friday, January 9, 2015
  • Rind:
         Dusty top with dark green and white fuzzy molds
  • Paste:
         well spaced tight “eyes”
  • Aroma:
         salty, “Cheesy”, buttery, baked
  • Taste:
         rich, creamy, tomato sauce acidity, vegetal, clean break in flavor,
        no burn