Re-Launch to Celebrate our 25-Year Anniversary with Capriole

We are
moving from monthly to bi-weekly orders for Capriole to offer everyone more
access their whole line.

was our first farmstead American partner and 2015 marks our Silver Anniversary
– 25 years.  We’ve always admired Judy Schad and her indomitable will as
she built Capriole through the burgeoning years of the American artisanal
cheese movement.  Even now, she remains steadfastly involved in Capriole’s
day to day operations.  She is one of the can’t miss personalities of the
industry – charming, outspoken, insightful, passionate, and most importantly,
incredibly talented.  We decided to use this 25th Anniversary
as a chance to push Capriole like it was brand new.  After all, we still
feel that they are making the best goat cheese in the United States and deserve
the attention!


Capriole has shifted its focus from its aged and retail pack goat cheese to
their ripened selections – Piper’s Pyramid, Wabash Cannonballs and Sofia. 
Part of this has been a shift in customer focus to this section of the product
line, but part of it has been borne out of Capriole’s desire to really hone in
on these three which represent the most unique and differentiating cheeses they
offer.  After all of these years, Capriole still hand ladles all of their
cheese from a 400 gallon vat.  In their words “fresh chevre is 50%
texture, the lightness and lofty texture of our cheeses still comes from the
hand-ladling of the curd, instead of pumping it.  This attention to detail
makes all the difference in our ripened cheeses.”

We are
working on a “re-launch” with Capriole to highlight all their ripened cheeses
and their directional changes.  We are switching to bi-weekly shipments
going forward.  This will give you access to fresher cheeses more often,
and allow you to build a stronger program over time for these cheeses. 
Over the last few years, Capriole has sold off their herd of goats to focus
exclusively on cheese making.  They still buy the milk from their former
animals, but they just let another farm spend the time and resources looking
after them.  This new focus has allowed Capriole to make far more consistent
cheese.  In Judy’s words “It’s constant attention to the detail of the
cheese–texture & moisture content, sanitation, and time … the time
we’ve had to devote to that without attending to animals.”


Over the
next few weeks, we will be sending out samples of the three ripened cheeses
that we are featuring – Piper’s Pyramid, Wabash Cannonballs and Sofia. 
Feel free to request some on your next order