Semisweet Chocolate Callets (Code C811) Item #: C172

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  • Country: Belgium
  • Pack: 2/22#E CASE ONLY

Started in 1911 in a small town in Belgium called Wieze. Octaff Callebaut created his chocolate recipe for chefs and chocolatiers in Belgium. Generations later, they were exporting chocolate all over the world. Now a globally known chocolate company, Callebaut takes steps to give back to their cacao suppliers. A percentage of every sale goes towards the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. They provide farmer training, education, woman’s inclusion training, and even health programs.

This is a favorite among both professional and home cooks for a classic dark chocolate taste and texture. It is made with natural vanilla. Use for ganaches, mousses, for dipping, candy making and baking. This format is preferred by many customers for the ease of weighing and melting. 53.8% cacao 2 lbs.