Milk Chocolate Callets (Code C823NV-595) Item #: C820

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  • Country: Belgium
  • Pack: 2/22lb CASE ONLY

Started in 1911 in a small town in Belgium called Wieze. Octaff Callebaut created his chocolate recipe for chefs and chocolatiers in Belgium. Generations later, they were exporting chocolate all over the world. Now a globally known chocolate company, Callebaut takes steps to give back to their cacao suppliers. A percentage of every sale goes towards the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. They provide farmer training, education, woman’s inclusion training, and even health programs.

Calleabaut C823 Milk Chocolate Callets have a very smooth,balanced milk, cocoa, and caramel taste. Great for enrobing with a medium-thick layer, cakes, pastries, molding large hollow figurines, and coarse decoration or spray work.