New to Stock

We have moved a large number of non-refrigerated snacks and cheese accompaniments to stock. We have samples of most items here, so if you are interested in trying something new, please let us know!


M2130 Migos 10/150g – The Pajarero fig is grown in Spain, who has been cultivating figs since they were introduced during the Arabic invasion. An integral part of Spanish cuisine, the Pajarero is smaller and sweeter than its cousin from Turkey. Its thin, delicate skin allows the flavor of the fig to shine through.

M1125 Mitica Fig Jam 10/7oz – Fresh, chunky Pajarero figs and lemon honey are the singular ingredients in this amazing jam. The flavor and texture are unparalled.

M682 Plum membrillo 12/10oz – A sweet paste made from a mix of plum and quince. It is a solid jelly that is eaten in the traditional spanish dessert, queso y membrillo (cheese and membrillo) typically using Manchego cheese.

M1210 Marconas in Rosemary Honey 10/4.6oz – The Queen of the almonds, the Marcona, in an aromatic rosemary honey.

K1520 Toketti 10/7oz – These Sardinian snacks highlight the Arab influence on this Italian island. Salty, flavorful, and with a perfect amount of oiliness, the box goes quick once opened.

M1930 Torta de Aceite 10/6.35oz – Tortas are crisp, sweet, cracker discs that dates back to the 8th Century. These Tortas are made by five sisters, who make each one by hand including the big sugar crystals sprinkled on top.

M1940 Torta de Aceite Almendra 10/7.4oz – Same as above, but with the addition of Marcona almonds

M3140 Douro Almonds 4/1kg – The Douro Valley, located in the northern part of Portugal, has a temperate climate and is sheltered from harsh winds by its surrounding mountains. The area is known for producing grapes (and its famed DOC Port wines), olives, and almonds. Douro Almonds contain a rich oil, giving them a sweet, earthy and slightly smokey flavor. The almonds are fried (but not salted) and have a tender crunch.

M2630 Chocolate Quicos 2/2kg – These Quicos de Chocolate are the perfect combination of salty and sweet. The producer takes GMO-free giant crunchy corn kernels, salts them, and covers them in rich chocolate. They lightly dust them in cocoa powder for the perfect finish.

M3020 Rosemary Valencias 1/5kg – Valencia almonds are a bit larger than Marconas, with a firmer texture. These sweet almond are flavored with rosemary.

M2110 Spanish Cocktail 6/750g – Composed of fried corn kernels, fava beans, chickpeas, and Valencia almonds, the Spanish Cocktail mix is one of the most addictive snacks we sell.