Single Dairy Comtés from Rivoire Jacquemin

We work with Rivoire Jacquemin on a number of our stock Comtes and they recently sent us a couple profiles of aged Comtes from single dairies – Gillois and Les Fins. Our internal evaluations were high on both cheeses so we wanted to share some added information on these special aged selections that we stock.

Each Comté come from individual fruitières (French for Comté dairy), creating consistent and terroir specific flavors. Both Comtés are then aged by affineur Jacquemin, whose cellars date back to 1860. The Comté wheels are aged on spruce slabs and rubbed with hand harvested Guérande and Noirmoutier salts, differentiating Jacqeumin from other affineurs.

F2210 Comté Single Dairy Gillois 6-10 months 2/10#

Fruitières Gillois is nestled in the Natural Park of Haut-Jura, just next to the Switzerland border. The cows graze on a pasture full of various flora, most notably wild cumin. Instead of the traditional milking parlor, the dairymen at Gillois go out to the pasture to milk the cows. Once the cheese is formed, and approved by master cheesemaker Benoît Sigonney, it’s sent off to Rivoire Jacquemin. The wheels are aged for around 6-10 months, but the determining factor is flavor; they strive for notes of brioche, butter and hazelnut.


F220 Comté Single Dairy Les Fins 15-21 months 2/10#

About an hour away from Gillois is Fruitières Les Fins. A large co-op of producers and dairies that produce about 65 wheels of Comté per day. They’ve worked with Rivoire Jacquemin for about 60 years, creating a symbiotic partnership.  The wheels are aged around 15-21 months, resulting in flavors of dried fruit, grilled onions, and dark chocolate.