New cheese from Jasper Hill! Bridgman Blue

Bridgman Blue is the newest cheese from Jasper Hill and springs from their new herd of goats on nearby Bridgman Hill Farm. Bridgman joins Eligo as the next mixed-milk cheese that Jasper Hill has developed and released. Made in a similar fashion to Bayley Hazen Blue, Bridgman Blue balances the fudgy and umami cow’s milk flavors that are present in Bayley, but adds a funky and barny goat’s milk finish.

We sampled a piece here last week and it received very positive evaluations. We have been pleasantly surprised with how Jasper Hill has really hit the ground running with their two new mixed milk cheeses. Sometimes a cheese can take years to develop as a cheese maker wrestles with make process, starter cultures, aging, and the multitude of factors that can influence the texture and flavor or a cheese. It is a testament to Jasper Hill’s collective knowledge and execution that they nailed the target on both cheeses from some of the very first test batches.

You can find Bridgman Blue on the “New England” tab of our pre-order workbook.