Green Dirt Farms now available for pre-order!

From the rolling hills and lush pastures near Weston, MO, northwest of Kansas City, we are pleased to introduce the newest member of our American artisanal family.  Green Dirt Farm has been producing acclaimed sheep’s and mixed milk cheeses for over a decade now, with a diverse lineup that runs from creamy, tangy fresh cheeses to Alpine-style offerings.  Their cheeses are beloved, with every variety of their sheep’s milk cheese having won an American Cheese Society award.  They are also proud to be Animal Welfare Approved, as they believe that how their animals are raised is connected to the quality of the cheese they sell.

Green Dirt Farm started in 2002, when Mary Hoffman and her husband John bought a farm to grow organic vegetables near Weston, Missouri.  Since the soil proved a poor fit for produce, Mary began to transition towards raising sheep, and then towards making producing sheep milk cheeses.  Luckily, she had an ideal background for becoming a cheesemaker—she grew up on a series of small farms, studied microbiology in college and even had an aunt who owned a cheese shop.

You can find Green Dirt on the “Missouri” tab (Baetje + Green Dirt) of the attached pre-order workbook

We are proud to offer the following cheeses from Green Dirt Farm:


B2010 – 6/8oz. – Sheep’s milk

Bossa is Green Dirt’s signature washed-rind cheese.  It is smooth and creamy, with an almost pudding-like consistency.  It has strong flavors with notes of roasted peanut and pairs well with dessert wines

Dirt Lover

B2030 – 8/6.5oz. – Sheep’s milk

An ash-rinded French-style cheese, Dirt Lover is firm with a slightly oozy interior and a mildly lemony flavor.

Prairie Tomme

B2050 – 1/4lbs – Sheep’s milk

These tubs of soft and crumbly cheese have a rich and slightly earthy flavor.  They make a great substitute for chevre, ricotta, or any fromage frais.  Try them crumbled on a salad or spread onto a crusty baguette.


B2040 – 6/3oz. – Sheep’s milk

This Geotrichum-rinded cheese can be recognized by its distinctive wrinkled surface.  It has notes of crème fraiche and an earthy, yeasty quality which will pair well with Belgian farmhouse ales.

Woolly rind

B2020 – 6/5.5oz.

A camembert-style bloomy-rinded cheese made entirely from sheep’s milk.  Sweet and mild, with a thin, unobtrusive rind.  A perfect picnic cheese!

Fresh Sheep’s Milk Cheese


B2100  Fresh Sheeps Milk Cheese, Garlic Pepper

B2110  Fresh Sheeps Milk Cheese, Rosemary

B2120  Fresh Sheeps Milk Cheese, Chili

B2130  Fresh Sheeps Milk Cheese, Nettle

B2140  Fresh Sheeps Milk Cheese, Garlic Herb


Aux Arcs

B2080 – 1/4lbs – Sheep/Cow’s milk

Pronounced “Ozark”, this mixed-milk Alpine style cheese is aged 2 months for a firm texture and nutty flavor, reminiscent of Emmenthaler.  It makes a mild, mellow snacking cheese or melts beautifully in a gratin.


B2060 – 6/10oz. – Sheep/Cow’s Milk

Modeled after Italian Stracchino, Ruby is a washed-rind cheese with a slight red hue on the rind.  The flavor is mild and pleasantly salty.  Try it as a substitute for Reblochon on a cheese board, or serve it paired with fine charcuterie.

Winter Woolly

B2070 – 6/5.5oz. – Sheep/Cow’s Milk

This mixed-milk variation on the Woolly Rind (above) is only available in winter, when sheep’s milk may be somewhat scarcer.  Buttery and mushroomy, it is no less delicious in its own right.  A perfect pairing with sparkling wines on New Year’s Eve!