Ah yes……Cheese Salad.

Check out these old recipes we found buried in our closet. Forget your typical cheese crisps, fondue, or baked casserole recipe; and experiment with a “Capricciosa” salad, made with celery root, ham, tongue, cucumber, all cut into julienne strips. Add your Taleggio, cut it into a fun shape like a triangle and make your salad look like a flower full of worms.  Or how about a ye olde recipe for Stilton and Banana bake? All you need is banana, ham, mustard, white sauce (flour, butter, milk) and of course Stilton. You slather your slice of ham with mustard and wrap it around a banana. Next, place it in an ovenproof dish, coat with white sauce and Stilton, bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees (seems like an awful long time to bake bananas, don’t you think?).