New pack sizes for two classic Cheddars

Taking on a 50lb wheel of cheese is daunting to say the least. If you’re a small shop, you know you’ll lose a bit of quality if you don’t sell the cheese fast enough. Thankfully, Neal’s Yard Dairy has a solution to this problem.

We will be offering for pre order 1/4 wheel packs of both Lincolnshire Poacher and Montgomery’s Cheddar. Not only is the lead time now 2-3 weeks, with the gas-flushed packing, you can sell these cheeses one quarter at a time, without any material quality loss on the remaining quarter that can sit in your walk in.

Lincolnshire Poacher – 2/11 lbs

An “alternative” raw milk cheddar, Poacher has most of the elements of a traditional British clothbound cheddar, but with some alpine/mountain characteristics to complement it. Poacher can be rich, meaty, and savory, but also have sweet tropical/pineapple notes. Lincolnshire Poacher is a creative twist on the traditional British clothbound cheddar flavor profile, and in general, seems to elicit more of a response from the American market for its breadth of big flavors.

Montgomery’s Cheddar – 2/14 lbs

Montygomey’s is often considered the quintessential British clothbound cheddar, and for good reason. One of three clothbound cheese makers with the West Country Farmhouse Cheddar PDO, Montgomery’s prides itself on being “the most traditional of the traditional cheddar makers.” The farm has been in the Montgomery family since 1911, and to this day, the exact same philosophies and practices guide their work – from the care of their herd and pastures, to their insistence on a totally hand made product with no automation or robotics, to using the same cultures since the post-war era. You could hop in a time machine to the era before cars and television and find this cheese unchanged. Talking to Jamie Montgomery, you get the sense of a man who is deeply rooted to a family legacy and his duty to honor it, and who takes great pride in “facing the exact same problems my grandfather faced over 50 years ago.” And besides the incredible history, they make one of the best cheeses in the world. That’s important too!