New Year, New Items

As we enter the new year, it’s a great opportunity to think about both the past year and opportunities for renewal in the one ahead of us.  Here at Zuercher, we’d like to take this time to reflect on the new additions we made for this holiday season.🎉🧀


Charlito’s Cocina Pre Sliced 

New York bred Charlito’s Cocina focuses on handmade, small-batch charcuterie using traditional methods and the cleanest ingredients possible. All the meat sourced for their products is 100% pasture-raised, heritage breed pork. The salt added for curing is hand-harvested Mediterranean fleur de sel. Their products are slowly dry-cured and maintain an extremely rich, buttery quality. Conveniently sliced and in clear packaging so you can see the beautiful marbling of each salami, they’re also shelf stable, perfect for gift baskets or picnics.

  • G1600 Pre Sliced Campo Seco – Simple and rustic, Campo Seco sets the standard for how simple, yet exemplary ingredients, make all the difference in the world. You will notice its full-flavored, earthy and subtly mineral flavors.
  • G1630 Pre Sliced Cerveza Seca – Cerveza Seca incorporates brown ale into this unique dry-cured salami, creating a yeasty, robust and flavorful finish.


Emmengoat – D1500

A Dutch take on Emmentaler made with goat’s milk, Emmengoat carries the nuttiness of typical Emmentaler with lingering tanginess of goat’s milk.


Grey Barn 

Grey Barn was started by Eric Glasgow, a former oil trader who decided to leave the “rat race” in 2008. He reconnected with his passion for food and, together with his wife Molly, bought the farm on Martha’s Vineyard that would become Grey Barn.

In 2011, they began to produce cheese at Grey Barn, using the milk from their small herd of Dutch Belted cows and aging the cheeses in the caves near their farm. In keeping with the Glasgows’ belief that happy animals make better food, the cows are completely grass fed, grazing on pasture in the summertime or hay in the winter. Grey Barn’s farmstead cheeses are handmade in small batches. They are also certified organic and, thus, GMO-free.

  • A2100 Prufrock – a small, well-balanced washed rind cheese
  • A2110 Blue Bird – large creamy square form blue
  • A2120 Eidolon  – a bloomy cheese similar in shape to a Chaource