New to Stock – Ewereka from Central Coast Creamery

Central Coast Creamery

We are now carrying Ewereka, Central Coast’s newest cheese. Made exclusively with sheep’s milk, this cheese is modeled on a cheddar recipe, but when we’ve tasted it here, we’ve thought it was probably closer to a gouda profile. The cheese has a light acidity, but also some vanilla and toffee notes. However you want to characterize the cheese, it has drawn rave reviews amongst our staff and customers.

There is a relative dearth of sheep’s milk cheeses here in the states, and Central Coast is looking to help fill that void. They are now sourcing sheep’s milk from a

recently opened dairy. The farmer there, Basque by birth but living in California for some time, has been raising sheep for meat production, but was interested in keeping a flock for dairy. Recognizing the rare opportunity of a farmer with deep knowledge of raising sheep, Central Coast committed to 100% of their milk production and has begun experimenting with some new cheeses. We are excited to see what comes out from them next, especially given the quality we’ve seen so far from Ewereka.