Seasonal Cheese Releases!

We are excited to offer four seasonal cheeses from three of our most exciting American partners!


Hinman Settler – Cellars at Jasper Hill


Jasper Hill recently gained access to sheep’s milk from Bonneview Farm. Hinman Settler is the first “experiment” in mixed cheeses that is ready for commercial release. Essentially just a mixed-milk blue made to an adapted Bayley Hazen blue recipe, Hinman is about half sheep, half cow in the final curd. We recently tasted it here and it drew unanimous positive reviews. Just about everyone thought it was pretty similar to Bayley, but with some slight but compelling differences. One reviewer said it was the interesting halfway point between Roquefort and Stilton. We think Hinman is a great addition to a cheese counter or plate on its own, but also can be used with Bayley for interesting compare/contrast experiments with your customers. We hope you enjoy!


Sakateh – Alemar Cheese Co


Sakatah is an American cow’s milk ode to Banon or Mothais-sur-Feuille. Made with 100% grass-fed milk, it’s coated with a Geotrichum candidum rind and wrapped in brandy-soaked Marquette grape leaves from Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery in Minnesota.


Eggnog and Cranberry Fromage Frais – Nettle Meadow

 cluster of frais

Made from a combination of goat and cow’s milk, Nettle Meadow Fromage Frais strikes a lovely balance between tangy, fluffy chèvre and sweet, fresh whipped cream cheese. Their year-round flavors have proven to be popular, and we’re excited to taste these seasonal options for the holidays.


Cranberry – Fromage Frais enhanced with cranberries, maple syrup and orange zest

Eggnog – Fromage Frais enriched with nutmeg, agave and vanilla