New to Stock!

Tomme Saint Georges

This washed rind, sheep’s milk cheese has been one of our staff favorites this year. Named after the town where it is made in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France, Tomme Saint Georges strikes us as a cross between a traditional tomme and a sheep’s milk alpine. The paste is moist and creamy, and the flavor starts with toasty bread notes and finishes richly with notes of sweet cream, chives and leeks. We are offering quarter wheels at around 6 lbs each, making this large tomme easier to handle. The price point is reasonable enough to use in cooking applications, but the flavors are complex and exciting enough to attract any cheese connoisseur.

Pannato Gorgonzola Dolce

We just received our first order of this DOP Gorgonzola cheese from Italy. “Pannato” is Italian for creamy and this particular Gorgonzola has a much softer, more velvety texture than the Dolce we’ve stocked for years. The paste breaks down at the edges of the quarter wheels, becoming soft like ice cream but not soupy. The flavor is fantastic as well, with a sweet cream or mascarpone base with a light earthy blue flavor and incredibly clean finish.

Pannato Gorgonzola became a quick hit with the staff and hope it will with you as well. Please note though that the paste is probably too runny for the cheese to be properly merchandised in plastic wrap or paper, so we are recommending possibly clamshells or cut to order on it. If you’ve got the time and patience for it, it is truly a treat.

Artequeso Farmstead Manchego

What makes this Manchego different from the rest? It’s farmstead, meaning the cheese is made on the farm that the milk is sourced. This one is made on the Finca La Prudenciana, a fourth generation family owned farm, located in the Castilla-La-Mancha region of Spain. The raw milk used is from the family farm only. The cheeses are preservative free; no egg Lysozyme or Natamycin, and only natural preservative-free animal rennet and wax coating is used. Aged for 6 months, the resulting flavors are complex, with notes of hay, cashews, and a sweet lemony finish. Try pairing it with an Albarino or a crisp IPA!