Now Back in Stock – Sepertino Butter w/ Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

After a hiatus, we are back to
stocking Sepertino’s Butter with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This staff and
customer favorite has a silky mouthfeel, and a wonderfully light but rich
flavor. The pink hand-wrapped packaging, while mostly in Italian, gives it a
rustic and colorful pop. We have samples available, so please reply directly to
this email to request one on your next outgoing order.

Sepertino centrifuges its cream to create this butter. Beautiful Himalayan pink salt is added, but added
with a light hand (demi-sel translates to “half-” or “slightly salted.”)
As a result, the butter remains highly versatile for use in recipes for sauces
and baked goods. Overall, we feel this butter is high quality relative to its
cost, and it comes wrapped in an attractive paper packaging. Its texture is
light and creamy, making it equally delicious when eaten raw, slathered onto
fresh bread, muffins, breakfast radishes or baked potatoes.


Located in the Piedmont region of Italy, the Sepertino family began their
small-scale production in 1930 with Nonna Genia and Nonno Pietro at the helm.
Today, Anna Maria and Mario, along with brother Gabriele, oversee Caseificio
Sepertino, leading them into the new millennium. Despite newer facilities, care
is given to retaining traditional processing techniques, including the use of
linen sheets for draining, hand-massaging wheels with salt and/or oil and aging
cheeses on white fir boards.