We are now stocking four retail-pack organic Greek cheeses from Kourellas

The first organic dairy in Greece, Kourellas is a family business that believes in sustainable practices and animal welfare. These cheeses are made using authentic Greek recipes, and are all USDA certified organic.


Organic Grill & Eat Cheese – 10/5.29 oz. – M3130

· Mixed milk (cow, goat, sheep)
· Holds its shape when grilling or frying
· Try serving with mint and a drizzle of honey

Organic Bake & Eat Cheese – 6/3.88 oz. – M3120

· Combination of feta and kefalograviera cheeses
· Flavored with sundried tomatoes, green peppers, olive oil and oregano
· Packed in a crock and ready to oven-bake

Organic Barrel-Aged Feta – 10/5.29 oz. – M3100

· Made with sheep and goat’s milk and traditional animal rennet
· Aged in wooden barrels and brine for a minimum of 2 months
· Delicious when paired with watermelon and arugula

Organic Manouri – 10/5.29 oz. – M3110

· Made from the sheep and goat’s whey from feta production
· Whey proteins are subjected to a secondary coagulation; cream is added for richness
· Makes a tasty addition to an orzo salad with olives and roasted tomatoes