New Cheeses Available from Zuercher

have recently added the following new items to our stock and pre-order lists:

Flory’s Truckle & Four Alarm Cheddar from Milton Creamery

Truckle is made by Homestead Creamery in Jamesport, Missouri, and aged by
Milton Creamery in Milton, Iowa. Flory’s Truckle is a small, cylindrical larded
and bandaged cheddar made from the milk of Homestead’s 30 Jerseys. When the
cheese is two months old, it’s sent to Milton Creamery who takes care of the
rest. It’s aged for twelve months and turned periodically to keep the mold
under control.  The result is a paste that’s crumbly yet has a creamy
finish. There are notes of caramelized onions, roasted potato, and a hint of

Alarm Cheddar is made from a young Milton cheddar blended dried chiles,
jalapeno, chipotle, and ghost peppers. The young creamy cheddar acts a vehicle
for the spiciness of the peppers, which can range from moderately hot to mouth
burning, depending on the distribution of peppers in the bite. This cheese can
work in a variety of cooking applications, or as a table cheese for spicy food

Dreaming and Comeback Cow from Dorothy’s Creamery

Pack – Both cheeses are in stock

received a 2018 SOFI Award

after the inspirational Dorothy Demeter, Dorothy’s Creamery is based out of
rural Lena, IL. Dorothy’s passion for cheesemaking came at an early age when
helping with the family business, Kolb-Lena Cheese Company. In 1953, she became
the first female to earn a degree in dairy science from Iowa State University,
hoisting milk cans and lifting blocks of cheese alongside the boys. The
creamery and these two retail format Brie style cheeses are a dedication to her
passion and integrity in the dairy industry.

Keep Dreaming comes coated in a thin ashed layer, and Comeback Cow has a light
dust of annatto to give it a glow which intensifies with age. The flavors of
each of these soft-ripened cheeses are approachable but not dull. The paste
hits the sweet spot, not too runny, but not too firm, just gooey enough to
appease any brie lover.


wheel, available from stock

Noir is a rich and buttery blue from Käserei Champignon in Bavaria, Germany.
The blue flavors are milder, letting the brightness of the cow’s milk to shine
through, but still has notes of black pepper.  Uniquely, the wheels are
hand-dipped in wax, and then cold-ripened, resulting in exquisite blue veining
in the paste. Grand Noir took home two awards, the World Cheese Championship
Best Blue Cheese and the Reserve Champion at International Cheese Awards.