Now in stock: Divina Shelf Stable Deli Cups

are now stocking three varietals of shelf stable Divina Organic Olives. These
are a great option for a retailer looking for high quality olives without the
space needed for an olive bar or the labor required by a bulk repack program.

Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives
(JD100, 6/5oz): These meaty black olives are a staple for both snacking and
cooking.  Their flavor is fruity, smoky and slightly tannic.  They
pair beautifully with feta and other saltier cheeses.

Organic Castelvetrano Olives
(JD130, 12/7oz): These mild Sicilian olives have a bright green hue and a
sweet, buttery flavor.  They make a great introduction for people new to
olives and can be served with fresh cheeses, tomatoes and fish.

Organic Pitted Green Olives
(JD110, 6/5oz): A great everyday olive! With their slight herbal flavor and
full-bodied texture they are perfect to keep on hand for entertaining, cooking
or even just snacking.