Heart-shaped Cheeses for Valentines Day Arrival – Coeur De Bray Neufchatel – 6/7 oz

all know that love can be cheesy, but never so much as with Coeur De
Neufchatel.  Legend has it that when French farm girls fell for the charms
of visiting British soldiers during the Hundred Years War, they made these
heart-shaped cheeses as a way to show their affection.

there’s more to Coeur De Neufchatel than its unique shape. It is also one of
France’s oldest and most respected AOC cheeses, having been made for at least a
thousand years.  Not to confused with the reduced-fat cream cheese
analogue of the same name, it has a lush and attractive bloomy rind and a salty
Camembert-like flavor with notes of mushrooms.  It’s still the perfect
gift for any turophilic (cheese-loving) valentine.