Now in stock at Zuercher: Roelli Haus Select – 1/18 lb.

This cellar aged cheddar is the newest incarnation from
beloved Wisconsin cheesemaker, Chris Roelli (pronounced like the city,
Raleigh.) Roelli selects batches of cheddar he feels can flourish under further
aging. Each 15 – 20 pound wheel has a firm, brittle texture with a coated
edible rind, enabling breathability while keeping mites in check during aging.
Its appearance is striking on a cheese board. Chris Roelli has added an ample
amount of annatto, similar to that of Mimolette or Roelli’s other popular creation,
Red Rock.

While the proprietary cultures are kept a secret, we can
only guess by tasting that this pasteurized cows’ milk cheese has a blend of
traditional cheddar cultures along with Alpine varieties. The most prominent
flavors are nutty, bright and meaty with a caramelized sweetness. Overall,
Roelli Haus Select is a mellow and well-rounded cheddar, and a great option for
those who enjoy aged cheddars without a tremendously bitter bite.