Going Raw – Oregonzola from Rogue Creamery

Arriving next week will be the first shipment of Rogue
Creamery’s Organic Oregonzola made with unpasteurized milk. A number of years
ago, Rogue went through significant changes. They became Certified Organic by
Oregon Tilth and Certified Sustainable by Food Alliance. Additionally, in an
effort to control the milk quality from start-to-finish, Rogue became a
closed-system grass-fed farm. With all of these changes in variables, and in
such a short amount of time, meant that the safest route would be to switch
temporarily to pasteurized milk. Now that Rogue Creamery has mastered their new
operational procedures, they are confidently returning to raw milk in their
recipe of Oregonzola.

 Oregonzola blue cheese was developed by Ignazio (Ig) Vella,
previous owner of Rogue Creamery, in the late 1990’s. Reflecting the Vella
family’s Italian heritage, Oregonzola pays homage to Gorgonzola while
expressing the terroir of the Pacific Northwest. Aged for approximately six
months, its texture is smooth, displaying an ample amount of blue veining. Most
noticeable are the flavors of sweet cream and fruit with an earthy, tangy