Rogue River Blue – Now Certified Organic!

we approach autumn, there is always an anticipation of the seasonal release of
Rogue River Blue. The cheese has a special rhythm with the earth, as it is made
between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice. Rogue River Blue is aged for
up to a year, to be enjoyed after the next autumnal equinox. Even if you don’t
believe this tradition contributes anything to the cheese in the cosmic sense,
you cannot deny its heavenly complexity on your palate.

Swiss and Holstein cows graze at higher elevations in pastures above Rogue
River. Their feed consists of grasses, hop clover, wild herbs and flowers,
blackberries, grain from their ranch, hay and alfalfa. This variety produces
milk that can vary from nutty to fruity to earthy mushroom to pine. While this
has always been the practice of Rogue Creamery, they have taken the extra step
to ensure the entire process is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

the style of a handful of southern French cheeses, using brandy-soaked chestnut
leaves to impart flavor, Rogue puts their twist on Organic Rogue River Blue.
Organic grape leaves are bathed in local organic pear liqueur, which are used
to enrobe the blue cheese. This addition imparts a sweet, burnt caramel note
and would seem perfectly matched with your own local eau de vie as part
of a dessert course.