New to Zuercher & Co.: Meredith Dairy – Marinated Sheep & Goat Cheese 6 / 11-ounce jars

just brought in our first order of Meredith Dairy’s Marinated Sheep and Goat
Cheese. This Australian mixed-milk cheese is somewhere between a fresh chevre
and feta.  Marinated in olive oil, herbs, and seasonings, it is an
incredibly tasty and easily spreadable cheese versatile enough to be eaten with
a spoon or used as an ingredient in a variety of applications. From the first
time we tasted this cheese, we have been big fans and are excited to finally
have it as part of our offering.

have plenty of samples available so please request one on your next outgoing
order if you are interested. We may just send you one regardless. And if you
are interested in purchasing a case, we will send you a free sample jar with
your order.

Dairy is located approximately 50 miles west of Melbourne in the state of
Victoria, Australia. Meredith began as a farm focused on beef, lamb and wool
production. After the sheep and wool industries declined in the 1990’s, the
Meredith farm had to reinvent itself. Owners Sandy and Julie Cameron studied
sheep and goat cheesemaking, eventually investing in a farmstead dairy
facility. They purchased goats and additional sheep and installed multiple
milking platforms. They now share the supply load with two other farmers on
nearby sites. Meredith Dairy makes a point to be as self-sustainable as
possible, growing animal fodder and bedding straw onsite, feeding cheese whey
to their cattle and returning manure to soil as fertilizer.

day, cheese is made using their freshly-collected sheep and goat’s milk. After
the fresh cheese is formed, it is marinated in a blended extra virgin olive
oil, garlic, black pepper and fresh thyme. The result is extraordinarily
creamy, tangy, clean and well-balanced. This tasty mixture is packed in an
11-ounce retail-ready glass jar.

Marinated Sheep & Goat Cheese spread on your favorite bread, serve
alongside grilled vegetables or add to salad greens. The reserve marinating oil
makes a great salad dressing base, as well.