New Washed Rind Cheeses from Nettle Meadow Farm

We are
now carrying three new cheeses from Nettle Meadow. If you are interested in samples, please let us know and we will get a freshly
cut piece on your next order. 

Pasco’s Ration – 1 / 3.5 lb. $14.49/lb


Made with
pasteurized goat’s milk, Pasco’s Ration is an earthy tomme-style wheel. The
wheels are infused with rye whiskey and rubbed with sage and sea salt.
Reminiscent of British-style cheeses, its texture is crumbly and flaky. 
Pasco’s Ration is lemony, lactic and fresh with a meaty backbone.

Cheesemaker’s Folly – 1 / 3.5 lb. $14.49/lb


One of the rare
100% pasteurized cow’s milk cheeses from this maker, Cheesemaker’s Folly is
treated to repeated washings of Irish whiskey and stout. Beneath the copper
rind, you’ll find a smooth paste with upfront flavors of buttermilk settling
into malty-sweet finish.


Peppered Ewe – 6 / 10 oz. $15.74/lb


This mixed-milk
cheese begins with 50% pasteurized sheep’s milk and 50% pasteurized cow’s milk.
Cracked Tellicherry Pepper is added to the mix, contributing a robust, fruity
quality. The rounds are then washed in Adirondack Brewery’s Fat Scotsman Ale, a
rich, caramelized Scotch-style brew.

Located in the
Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, Nettle Meadow Farm serves as both an
animal sanctuary and artisan cheese company. Cheesemaker/owners Sheila Flanagan
and Lorraine Lambiase are, first and foremost, dedicated to caring for their animals.
Their elegant and flavorful cheeses are the icing on the cake. Zuercher &
Co. appreciates the natural and humane practices of Nettle Meadow Farm:

hay, grains, wild herbs, raspberry leaf, garlic, and kelp are used to feed the

animals’ diet helps to impart high butterfat contents in the milk.

animal sanctuary rehabilitates injured or abandoned animals.

milkers are allowed to spend the rest of their years on the farm, rather than
be slaughtered – a more usual fate in commercial operations.