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Petit Suisse – 16/60 g. 6-pack

a fromage frais, Petit Suisse more closely resembles fromage blanc or yogurt.
Made with prized Normandy cow’s milk, the texture is firmer than most yogurts,
but very rich with a silky texture. Available in a mixed three-flavor pack
(peach-pear, strawberry and apricot-mango), Petit Suisse doesn’t contain high
fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. These
adorably small containers (approximately 2 ounces each) offer the perfect size
for kids or adults wanting a healthy, satisfying snack.


Dalmatinac – 2/5 lb.

second offering from producer Paška Sirana of Pag Island, Croatia, is a blend
of 90% cow and 10% sheep’s milk. Dalmatinac is an approachable, crowd-pleasing
cheese. The initial notes are that of the salty sea air, settling into flavors
of butter, toast and herbs. Its finish is sweet and nutty.

Naranja Valenciana (Valencian Orange Preserve) – 12/4.9 oz.

like this Valencian Orange Preserve because of its balance of flavors. Citrus
fruits are plentiful in this area of Spain, and its shining essence comes
through. The mixture is simmered to a semi-smooth consistency, making it
spreadable without being gelatinous. Sugar is added to preserve, but the blend
isn’t cloying or heavy.

Escalivada (Eggplant, Onion, Red Pepper Compote) – 12/4.9 oz.

by the traditional Catalan dish of smoky grilled vegetables, this flavorsome
compote is made with roasted eggplant, onions, and peppers. The compote is
especially tasty with fresh goat and sheep’s milk cheeses. Traditionally,
Escalivada is served alongside tapas, as a relish for fish, with hummus, or on
top of grilled flatbreads.