Seasonal Cheeses to Return to Zuercher & Co.

With warmer weather upon
us, we anticipate the return of our beloved seasonal cheeses. The first batches
utilize spring milk and the lush herbs, flowers, legumes and grasses
contributing to its flavor. We are excited to announce two cheeses making their
way to Zuercher & Co. in the coming week:
Grayson, from Meadow Creek Dairy, and Ameribella, from Jacobs &


AMC110 Meadow Creek Dairy – Grayson
– 1 / 4#

is an unpasteurized, washed rind cow’s milk cheese from Meadow Creek Dairy, a
family-run farm located in the mountains of southwest Virginia. Since Grayson
is a farmstead cheese, the Feete family is able to control many aspects of
their cheesemaking in an ecologically ethical manner, including rotational
pasture grazing, seasonal milking and the absence of herbicides and pesticides.

of the most thrilling aspects of purchasing and consuming farmstead cheeses
from pasture-grazing herds is the variability seen from season to season. We’re
eager to discover what’s in store for 2017. We’ve always found the texture of
Grayson to be supple and fudgy, thanks to the rich quality of their Jersey
cow’s milk. The flavor is often yeasty, brothy and slightly sweet with nutty
and grassy overtones.

B1670 Jacobs & Brichford –
Ameribella – 1 / 2#

Meadow Creek Dairy, Jacobs & Brichford’s small family farm practices
rotational grazing and seasonal milking. Their herd of Jersey, Normande and
Tarentaise crossbred cattle provide unpasteurized milk for their cheese.

by the washed rind cheeses of northern Italy, Ameribella is consistently sweet
and funky. Although we have yet to sample this year’s batch of spring milk
Ameribella, the season’s influence generally reflects clean barnyard and hay
flavors mingling with wildflowers and a tangy crème fresh finish. The color is
quite striking; you’ll notice a rich buttery-yellow hue in the paste – an
indication of especially carotene-rich young grass upon which their cows are