Perfect for the Summer: Santa Teresa Gazpacho

in two sizes:
10/1L Santa Teresa Gazpacho

18/330mL Santa Teresa Gazpacho (New Size)

Our staff is currently
fixated on one of our newest offerings, fresh Gazpacho from Spain. While a
little outside our usual purview of cheese, cured meats, olives and nuts, this
was one of those products we tasted and had to bring in. Please give it a shot and
request a sample on your next outgoing order! We also have signage available as
shelf-talkers for anyone who is currently carrying it.

Santa Teresa Gazpacho,
without a doubt, embodies the essence of freshness. Their recipe is simple and
has a clean flavor. Santa Teresa incorporates fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers,
cucumber and garlic, and emulsifies the mixture with an ample amount of extra
virgin olive oil and sherry vinegar. No water is added, allowing for the full
vegetable flavors to shine without dilution. The plump flesh of the vegetables
provides a viscous but light texture on the tongue.

Gazpacho purists will delight
in the fact that no bread or starch is added. Likewise, Santa Teresa Gazpacho
is gluten-free. No artificial colorants, flavors or preservatives are used. To
ensure the integrity of its pure ingredients, we import gazpacho maintaining
the cold chain throughout transit. Please keep it refrigerated at all times.