New Item from Long Clawson: Charnwood

in Leicestershire, England, Charnwood is Clawson’s newest addition to their
line of English cheddar cheeses. Charnwood is a smoked cheddar finished with a
dusting of paprika. The cheese has a firm, fudgy texture with a smoldering
aroma and flavor. Paprika adds a faintly lemony and pleasantly bitter finish to
this inherently mild cheese.

like Charnwood for the same reason we like many of Clawson’s cheeses – they
offer good quality for their style of cheeses at strong (ie low) prices. Try
melting Charnwood into dishes where you would normally use cheddar: 
turkey melts, macaroni and cheese or on top of chili. Aesthetically speaking,
Charnwood adds lively color to a cheeseboard, and is paired well with a glass
of English cider. If you are interested in receiving a sample, please reply
directly to this email and we will get one on your next outgoing order.