New Chorizo Offered at Zuercher!

New to Zuercher & Co. is Chorizo, a
domestically-produced Spanish-style dried chorizo. They are made using naturally-raised
and antibiotic-free pork, and is traditionally cured without the use of
artificial nitrates or nitrites. Its minimal fermentation time results in a sweeter,
less acidic product with more complexity and a smoother grain. Referring to its
shape, the chorizo sarta uses a
natural casing and incorporates DOP Pimentón de la Vera, an authentic smoked
paprika from a western region of Spain.


Spanish chorizo makes a welcome addition to tapas, along
with cheese, olives, bread and wine or beer. Likewise, Solera Chorizo is tasty
in rice dishes, omelets, sliced thinly for pizza or stewed with beans.

We are offering both mild and spicy versions of Solera

Chorizo Ring
– 12/7oz.

Hot Chorizo
Ring – 12/7oz.